Why You Need a Dash Cam for Your Vehicle

So you have a car and you’ve got your insurance so you’re covered right? Well, not exactly. I mean yes, your insurance company will pay for any damages to your car whether it is your fault or not, but for any damages that are not your fault such as someone keying your car or bumping into your fender in the parking lot while you’re at Wal-Mart shopping.

Lucky for you there’s a way to catch these culprits.  All you need is a dash cam installed in your car that can record what the camera sees and hopefully catch all the action.  There are many dash cams on the market today so choosing the right one to buy can be a nightmare.  There are many things to consider such as are you going to install it yourself or will you pay someone to do it.  You also need to consider having a rear facing camera as well as this can pick up footage of anyone that may rear end you.

So here let’s talk about some common features of dash cams that can help you decide which one is for you.

HD Image

Cameras are very high tech these days in you can get a very good quality camera for a decent price.  You will want to have at minimal 1080 P resolution for the front facing cam and 720p for the rear facing cam.  Of course if the rear can also be 1080P that would be great too.  The reason why you want HD quality is that it is very important to pick up details such as a license plate number.  If you’re involved in an accident, if the other car takes off and you didn’t get the plate number there is a chance they may escape scott free and your insurance company will be expected to pay the repair bills.  However, with a dash cam that has high resolution capturing, you should have no problems capturing a license plate number.

Automatic Recording

If convenience is important to you were you like a set it and forget it feature, then a loop recording feature is what you want.  What this feature does is it will capture footage for a period of 10 or 15 minutes and then it will delete that footage and start over again.  This way you are not filling up your memory card with useless data.  In the event of an accident the camera will keep the recording so that you can use it for playback.  Some cams will offer automatic and Manual recording in the event that you want to record for example a scenic drive without the risk of losing the footage.

Motion Detection

If you’re worried about where your car is parked whether you are out shopping or while it’s parked outside of your home then motion detection is a feature that you must have.  If the camera detects movement it will start to record and capture the footage.  You can imagine how valuable this is in the event of someone trying to vandalize your car.


This is a feature that is not all that important but it certainly helps in the event of a collision that gets investigated by your insurance company.  Having GPS with a dash cam will provide data points including the date, speed, location and direction regarding the collision.  If you’re not worried about this feature then you can save yourself some money because to have GPS enabled on these devices will cost you a little more.

Whichever dash cam you decide to get read up on some reviews or just go to an electronics store and talk to an expert.  You already have the necessary information you need for a basic understanding of the features of a dash cam.

Source: https://dashcamreviews.org