Single Vs Dual Zone Wine Coolers – Choose the Right One Smartly

Wine coolers are a common sight at homes of wine lovers. These appliances are available in 2 major varieties. That includes a built-in model and a freestanding model. Built-in ones are compact in size and are designed to be installed under a cabinet. On the other hand, freestanding ones are slightly bigger and are made to stand alone. If you install a freestanding unit under a cabinet, it can easily get damaged. At the same time, there are wine refrigerators which come with either a single temperature zone or a dual temperature zone. The former is deal if you plan to store a similar type of wine. However, the latter is needed if you plan to store both red and white wines in the same fridge and you can find the top picks at Cleveland Leader.

Is It Necessary For You To Buy A Dual Zone Cooler?

A dual zone wine refrigerator is important if you are an avid wine drinker or you have a pretty expensive wine collection or you run a wine business. If you do not fall under any of these categories, then opting for a single zone cooler is a good idea. If you are a wine collector, then you should know that different types of red wines prefer different temperature levels. This is true for white wines, as well.

Single Zone Cooling – Benefits

Simply speaking, single zone wine coolers are especially meant for novice collectors. As a first timer, you will naturally prefer to collect a limited variety of wines. Spending unnecessarily on costly wines and seeing them getting damaged due to improper storage techniques will only make you go mad. A single zone cooling wine fridge is a great option for those of you who wish to simply chill the wines by storing them in a proper cooler. It is also true that single zone coolers are more pocket-friendly than the dual ones.

Dual Zone Cooling – Benefits

If you have been storing wines for a long time and know quite a lot about wines then choosing a proper dual zone fridge will be a good option for you. Such wine coolers are rightly suited for people who have a fair bit of knowledge about which type of wine should be kept in which temperature. It is usually seen that red wines do not feel comfortable when placed with white wines at a temperature that is suited for the whites. Thus, a dual zone cooler will be a great storage option for such types of wines. It is true that dual zone coolers cost more than the single zone ones. However, for a wine lover, it is more heart breaking when a bottle of wine fails to reach the glass.

Sometimes, choosing between a dual zone and a single zone cooler may prove to be a difficult choice. However, it is very important that you choose the right one after careful considerations. One wrong move can easily damage your stock of some of the most expensive wines, which can be a very sad thing for any wine lover.