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If you’re into the online marketing space, maybe you have an e-commerce store or like to create Youtube videos or what have you, it’s very difficult to foray into this adventure on your own. What you’ll need is either a mentor that is a guru in your business that can help you with SEO tips, marketing advice or you’ll need to buy some kind of course. Now, finding a mentor is a great way because usually that’s free – unless he or she expects some kind of favor back but not usually. It’s not easy finding a mentor and you’ll have to vet them because you really don’t want any bad information. The best example would be if you say for example own an e-commerce store and you know someone that is crushing it with their own e-commerce store. Now, if they are in the same niche as you then forget it – why would they help their competition! But, if they will never be in the same space as you then chances are they might be willing to help.

Get a Youtube Mentor

If finding a mentor isn’t an option, then what you’ll really need to do is buy some kind of internet marketing course online. What I suggest is to start with Youtube first and you might find some “freebies” but if you’re new to this space it might be a risk because you may not know if the information is good or not. What I suggest is to read the comments at the bottom of the video and see what people are saying. If the comments are positive then chances are this might be a good resource to get help from.

Facebook Guru’s

You could also join a Facebook group on making money online or something like that. Beware though because these tend to be spammy with a lot of people trying to sell you their own products or sell you affiliate marketing products.

Buy A Course

Usually a paid option to help out is much better. I am sure that unless it’s a good friend, you know in life that you get much better service if you pay for it instead of getting it for free. This applies to almost anything. Afterall, most of the time the guys and gals on Youtube if they are trying to help you with something there’s always a motive behind it – to sell you something. This is ok if they are offering a good product and are willing to help out with it as well. The other way is to Google a search term such as “course on affiliate marketing” and find what the top searches are. You might find a good product there.

Product Reviews

Probably the best and final step you need to take is that when you find a product, search for the product followed by “review” or “review and bonus”. There are marketers out there that will buy the product, review it, recommend it and if you buy through their link they may even send you a bonus. One marketer that does this effectively is Drew’s Review. Check it out next time you are looking to buy a product, they may just end up reviewing it. You can also visit Drews Review Youtube Channel to get updates as well.


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