Back in the day a dishwasher was all about function and not form. Today, people not only want a dishwasher that works well, but looks good too. Bosch has come out with some very sleek looking dishwasher that we just had to talk about. Dish washing is not exactly a party conversation, but walk into any modern kitchen and i’ll bet you will find a sleek looking Bosch dishwasher among the granite and maple wood cabinets.

But why Bosch? Firstly the name itself conveys a brand name of quality, and this shows in the product. Sure, you can buy a cheaper dishwasher but you won’t get the features and the sleek look of the Bosch. If a basic unit is all you need, there are other ones you can choose from, just visit your local Home Depot or Lowe’s, etc. and do some shopping around. You can even buy one from Amazon. They will offer installation services from a contractor as well but if you are handy you can install it yourself and save some money.

The Bosch Lineup

Bosch comes with a few different lines depending on your budget. Starting with the most expensive is the 800 series. This series offers a lot of options such as adjustable racks which is really convenient. If your current dishwasher is awkward, meaning some of your dishes don’t fit, then perhaps this model is for you. In some cases people end up washing their dishes in two loads simply because they can’t fit all the dishes in the dishwasher. Having this model configured properly for your dishes could save you some money by only doing one load as opposed to two, simply because they could all fit.

The 500 series is a slight step down from the 800 but is a very popular line. They give you different handle options which are customize-able and in different colors. Like the 800, it is very quiet, has extra drying options and a 3rd rack as well.

The 300 series has been redesigned and is quite popular with consumers. It also has a 3rd rack and improved drying capability. It does not have as many features, but is quite the popular model.

Now, if you really want something special, Bosch has the Benchmark Series. This is Bosch’s flagship and is the most expensive. It has the most options as you can imagine, such as LED touch screens, interior lighting and also boasts the quietest dba rating.

Whatever you are looking for, it’s best to get an in depth review on Bosch Dishwashers. You can get that here –