What Are Some of the Best Garden Hose Accessories in 2018?

Did you know there are some neat accessories you can purchase for your garden hose? In fact, some of these accessories can truly come in handy for anyone who uses their hose regularly. If you’re interested in getting some new accessories for your garden hose, these are some of the different options you might want to consider.

2-Way Hose Splitter

Perhaps one of the most convenient and useful accessories, the 2-way hose splitter is a top choice for many people. The splitter is easy to install, and it makes it that much easier for homeowners to multitask when they’re using their hose. If you use this accessory, you’ll be able to fill up the pool or hot tub in your backyard while watering some of your flowers or even using the hose for other water-related activities in the yard.


Hose Hideaway System

Do you feel like the hose looks like a bit of an eyesore in your backyard? If you don’t like the idea of having it all rolled up and positioned against the wall of your home, you can purchase the hose hideaway system. It’s a convenient storage box that can hold your hose and keep it protected from the elements and any animals that may linger in your yard from time to time. Most importantly, the hideaway system has a neat design that keeps it looking cool outside of any home.

You can easily use the winding feature to unwind the hose whenever you need it. You no longer have to worry about trying to roll it around and dealing with it dragging around on the ground when you’re trying to use it. For more information on what you need for a professional garden hose set up visit – Careful Gardener – Online Garden Centre.

These are some of the best add-ons to build up your garden hose accessories. If you’re looking to purchase accessories that will make your life more convenient, consider getting a 2-way hose splitter and the hose hideaway system.