Don’t Buy Cigarettes, Buy Vapes!

If you’re a cigarette smoker you might want to know what the new ‘cool’ way is to smoke. It’s called Vaping. In 2017 it is cool to look silly, apparently. Vaping devices will deliver nicotine on every pull, so that it is similar to cigarettes without the nasty smoke.

Are Vaping Devices Safe?

This is a good question and since they are relatively new, who knows? I mean in the 50’s people were oblivious to the health risks associated with smoking. They smoked everywhere, including the workplace. Non smokers were hugely at risk because second hand smoke was every where. Could you imagine someone on a plane smoking behind you? Crazy thought isn’t it. Even back then some brands even tried to tell you that cigarettes were good for your lungs. Could you imagine?

In the early 70’s, they discovered that smoking was the result of stress, not the healer. It was then discovered that smoking was a leading cause of cancer. It still took eight more years for the medical community and legislators to agree to these claims.

It’s crazy to think that will all this information almost 50 years old, that people still smoke today.

So now we get introduced to the world of vaping. Some people that have been smokers have kicked the habit thanks to this new technology. One person that was featured on the news has been cigarette free for almost 3 years now. This person says she lowers the nicotine levels in the “juice” that gets filled in the e-cig device once a week. She doesn’t wake up coughing in the morning like she used to and generally feels better. There have been many similar reports like this – it shows that vaping could be the next nicotine patch!

Smokers VS Vaping

Wherever you find smokers, you will find people “vaping.”¬† More and more smokers are turning to vaping, even though there really hasn’t been much research on it on the benefits and if there are any side effects. Vaping first came on the scene in the mid 2000’s and since then, this is a $6 Billion dollar industry. Even more notable, this figure eclipses all other forms of alternative smoking products like patches and nicotine gum.

It is estimated that the industry is growing at a rate of 45% each year. Even the big tobacco companies are cashing in on this by having their own version of an e-cig.

The Devices

Nowadays there are hundreds of different brands for e-cig devices. There are also countless amounts of flavours to choose from. E-cigs are everywhere, from online to your neighbourhood vape shop. However, this could all change with government regulations.

The e-cigarette juice contains a combination of glycerin, nicotine and¬†propylene glycol. The FDA has labelled e-cigs as generally safe. When these compounds are heated, they produce “carbonyls”.

As with all things new, you should really research this yourself if you are a smoker and have been thinking about vaping. Get a doctor’s opinion, read trusted sources on the subject and decide if it is worth the switch for you. As with all things new, there is always a testing phase and when it comes to your health, you cant be all too careful.



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