How To Get a Great Deal on a Used Car

When you are ready to buy your first car ever,  you will want to be very price savvy of the type of car you are buying. You need to know if the sticker price of a car you are interested in is the true value of the car or not. You definitely don’t want to be paying more for the car or SUV that you are looking at. You will then need to familiarize yourself on facts and information about solid car-buying tips so that when it comes time to deal, you have the upper hand.

Knowing the True Price of a Car

When you find a car you like and need to know the value, it’s not going to be readily apparent to you but you should be able to get a ball-park estimate of what it is worth. This should be somewhat close to the actual value of the vehicle.  Stepping into a car dealership armed with this knowledge will put you in a good position which is better than most of the public that walks into the same dealership.

Market Price

Once you know the market value of the car, you know that this is the average price that people will pay for the car. One of the best ways is to do comparison pricing on the vehicle you are looking for. If you do not have a car in mind yet, you should have at least 3 choices. Never go looking for a car without know which specific model you want. The reason for this is you need to do your due diligence on research of the car. You don’t want to buy a car that has had too many bad reviews.

Price comparison sites will also give you reviews of the car that you are interested in buying. Once you have selected the car you would like to buy, make note of the prices , write it down if you have to or take screen shots with your phone. You can use this information when you try to bargain for a used car at a dealership. If they are priced too high for the same car you saw online, you can point this out to the salesman.

Extenuating Factors

Now, in some cases you may find a car priced higher than average.  One of the main factors for this is the mileage. Cars with a lower average mileage of similar cars and the same year, will be more appealing therefore more expensive. If the mileage of a car you like is either the same or higher of similar cars yet the price is higher, you can point this out to your salesman for answer. Use this as bargaining power.

Set a Budget

Along with proper research of the right used car for you, make sure you set yourself a budget. Go online and use a finance calculator to help you decide. If you are financing, this is all too important because you can quite easily extend this budget by an attractive finance package. Do not let this take control of you. Pick a budget and stick with it. A car dealer may try to sell you a higher priced car and you should never fall for it. If you feel they are trying to stick you for more money, just leave.


Do Your Research

Once you have decided on a particular type of car, make sure you narrow this down to the year as well. The age of the car will greatly affect the price. As mentioned above, make sure you research the car you want to buy, making sure there are no ‘lemon’ reports and that there are no recalls. At least no recalls for something considered serious. Research things like gas mileage, reliability and resale value. Along with researching the car, if you find a dealer you should also check their reviews. A good way is to look at the Google reviews as these will be more authentic than any review on the dealers site. We scoured the web and found a good example of a dealership in Toronto that has great reviews. Check out their car line-up here – Dupont Auto Centre – used car sales.  A star rating above 4 is great, above 4.5 is stellar, which these guys have.

Stay Cool and Collected

If you’re really excited to see the car you found online in person, keep this enthusiasm in check. You don’t want the salesman to see your excitement because he or she will just see you as an easy target and not budge on the price. Look at other cars too. Don’t be laser focused on the one car even if that is the one you want. Be calm, but give them the hint you are a buyer and a not a tire kicker and they will respect you. Ask for a test drive and if you like what you drove, make the deal.

Online Shopping Tips

Online shopping is very convenient, it often allows you to find the best prices, and best of all you can shop from home.
Getting a great deal on the internet involves much more than obtaining the best price.  You need to make sure that you get your products on time, ensure that the products are quality products, make sure they come with a warranty, and that there is support for whatever you buy online.

Here are some good tips when buying online:

Ensure that your computer is secured.  If you are not running in anti virus program your computer could be at risk.  Since you’ll be doing online transactions if your computer is not secured you run the risk of hackers getting your credit card information.  This is just so important but many people ignore this issue.


Trust the site you buy from

If you purchase from the main Brands store online such as Best Buy then you can be insured that the site is safe and they will be no issues from ordering from them.  If you find a site with a good deal but you don’t know about their reputation you should research them a little bit more before buying from them.  Check their reviews and see if there have been any negative feedback.  It is best to stick with all mind stores that you were familiar with but as long as you research the company first you should be OK.

Look for discount coupons

Many online merchants will offer a discount of products that are not visible on the store itself.  What you should do is look for a coupon code for the store on Google.  Another great way to find coupons is to install an app called Honey.  This app will scan all the coupons available online before you check out.  It is the easiest way to find a great deal does the work for you.  It is safe to use in the conceive you a lot of money.

Stay away from too good to be true offers

Any online store that offers of products at a ridiculously low price is suspicious.  If the price is too low, you could be looking at a fake or copied product.  There is also a possibility that the products may have been obtained legally or stolen.  Some stores may offer a very low price of one item but you may be required to buy two at minimal.  In this case this might be OK but as mentioned above you should always research the store before making a purchase.

How secure is the site?

One of the biggest things that people overlook is how the site title is set up.  In the address bar for any site that sells items online you should see “https” preceding the site name and not just “http”.  This offers an extra layer of protection and should be a requirement for an online store that asks for a credit card to perform a purchase.  Do not enter your credit card information on any sites without this designation.


Shipping terms

Make sure that you understand the shipping terms for any product that you buy.  Find out where their products are coming from before making the purchase.  If you’re buying a product that is shipped from overseas, in some cases you can’t expect to wait a month or more to get your items.  If this is not a problem than that distance is not a factor.  However, if you wish to receive your items quickly than you need to make the purchase where it is shipped from your home country.  You can ask the vendor through either a phone number, e-mail or online chat to find out where the item is being shipped from.

Online shopping is fun

Online shopping can be a great experience and can also be very addictive.  Before making a lot of purchases made sure that you ask yourself if you really need these items.  It is much easier to overspend on line than it is in a physical store.  Be aware of what you are buying before clicking the “Add to Cart” button.