The Frugal Shopper

Being frugal can save you a lot of money, especially when you are shopping. With the Christmas season upon us, you will want to ensure that you are sticking to your budget but also getting the right gifts for your loved ones.


Shopping online for great deals can be a time saver in the malls. Afterall, who wants to wait in those massive lineups, and that is even if you get in the mall, parking spots at times during the xmas season can be quite sparse.

If you are shopping online, here’s a tip. Download an chrome addon called “honey” I’ve used it and it has saved me quite a bit.

Shipping Time

Bear in mind that if you are buying online, shipping times around this time of year varies drastically. Make sure you get a guaranteed shipping date just to avoid getting your xmas presents after xmas. What a disaster that would be!

Please stay tuned for more, my blog is new and fresh and I hope to give you more good advice for all your shopping needs!