Online Shopping Tips

Online shopping is very convenient, it often allows you to find the best prices, and best of all you can shop from home.
Getting a great deal on the internet involves much more than obtaining the best price.  You need to make sure that you get your products on time, ensure that the products are quality products, make sure they come with a warranty, and that there is support for whatever you buy online.

Here are some good tips when buying online:

Ensure that your computer is secured.  If you are not running in anti virus program your computer could be at risk.  Since you’ll be doing online transactions if your computer is not secured you run the risk of hackers getting your credit card information.  This is just so important but many people ignore this issue.


Trust the site you buy from

If you purchase from the main Brands store online such as Best Buy then you can be insured that the site is safe and they will be no issues from ordering from them.  If you find a site with a good deal but you don’t know about their reputation you should research them a little bit more before buying from them.  Check their reviews and see if there have been any negative feedback.  It is best to stick with all mind stores that you were familiar with but as long as you research the company first you should be OK.

Look for discount coupons

Many online merchants will offer a discount of products that are not visible on the store itself.  What you should do is look for a coupon code for the store on Google.  Another great way to find coupons is to install an app called Honey.  This app will scan all the coupons available online before you check out.  It is the easiest way to find a great deal does the work for you.  It is safe to use in the conceive you a lot of money.

Stay away from too good to be true offers

Any online store that offers of products at a ridiculously low price is suspicious.  If the price is too low, you could be looking at a fake or copied product.  There is also a possibility that the products may have been obtained legally or stolen.  Some stores may offer a very low price of one item but you may be required to buy two at minimal.  In this case this might be OK but as mentioned above you should always research the store before making a purchase.

How secure is the site?

One of the biggest things that people overlook is how the site title is set up.  In the address bar for any site that sells items online you should see “https” preceding the site name and not just “http”.  This offers an extra layer of protection and should be a requirement for an online store that asks for a credit card to perform a purchase.  Do not enter your credit card information on any sites without this designation.


Shipping terms

Make sure that you understand the shipping terms for any product that you buy.  Find out where their products are coming from before making the purchase.  If you’re buying a product that is shipped from overseas, in some cases you can’t expect to wait a month or more to get your items.  If this is not a problem than that distance is not a factor.  However, if you wish to receive your items quickly than you need to make the purchase where it is shipped from your home country.  You can ask the vendor through either a phone number, e-mail or online chat to find out where the item is being shipped from.

Online shopping is fun

Online shopping can be a great experience and can also be very addictive.  Before making a lot of purchases made sure that you ask yourself if you really need these items.  It is much easier to overspend on line than it is in a physical store.  Be aware of what you are buying before clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

Defining My Home Decor By Shopping for Aztec Rugs

What a person surrounds themselves with embodies the very essence of that individual. Nothing could be more fundamental to your identity as a human being than your environment, your habitat. And most of us can choose our surroundings, which, therefore, by definition, becomes the expression of our very self, an explanation of who we really are. That is the depth to which our decor is interwoven into the very core of our unique narratives.


So many aspects of our lives converge in that space we call “home“. Many times it reflects our culture, depending on how deeply we relate to that connection with the society around us. Also, like a three-dimensional scrapbook, your decor can be a way to keep bits of your life alive and near. It can be an embodiment of those places you’ve seen, events you’ve experienced, and people you keep close to your heart.


My story, as it relates to all this, is a bit unconventional, which leads to a perspective which may be altogether unique. My parents separated when I was two years old, and my mom’s passion for humanitarian work led us to India. That exotic culture is the first one I remember experiencing, with its intoxicating sights, aromas and customs. But mostly, I remember the colors. Hand spun tapestries and brightly-colored calendars displayed prominently on each wall. Tables adorned with religious icons, brass urns and golden candle holders. Bright oblong-shaped designs on furniture, with arched and scalloped architectural features abounding. The surroundings completely enraptured me, taking me on a mystical journey into their ancient culture. That was my first taste of the wonder of design.During that time I also traveled to Nepal, high in the Himalayas, and was impressed with their simple lifestyle, filled with bricks and wicker baskets and spice markets laden with hundreds of brightly colored wares. Houses were simple too, with sparse multi-functional furniture, walls nearly bare except for a few tiny mementos and pictures.

Aztec Area Rugs Remind Me of Home Whenever I’m Living

The years following were no less intriguing to me. Our next stop was the golden sands of Tampico, Mexico. The culture there was very different from what I had grown accustomed to in India. Though the colors were still bright, they were on the other side of the spectrum- pinks and oranges, with striped pots and dual-colored suns. Many of these design aspects influenced my current take on room ornamentation.


Several years later, we traveled overseas again- this time to Romania. I have such fond memories of that beautiful country and fascinating culture. Having been a Communist dictatorship before the Revolution in December of 1989, many of the buildings, as well as the people’s outlooks, were still decidedly gray. But the optimism of the youth was overtaking the drab disposition, and hope was palpable. New buildings had more character and a modernistic feel, though many homes still celebrated their heritage with traditional tapestries, carved ornate wood and an intricate Aztec area rug, fabrics and lace.


Most recently we moved to Brownsville, Texas, where I’ve lived for nearly seven years. My experience in Mexico has been revisited in the many cultural similarities with this border town. Spanish is the prominent language spoken, and Latin is the ever-present cultural flavor, akin to chili and lime.

Why You Need a Dash Cam for Your Vehicle

So you have a car and you’ve got your insurance so you’re covered right? Well, not exactly. I mean yes, your insurance company will pay for any damages to your car whether it is your fault or not, but for any damages that are not your fault such as someone keying your car or bumping into your fender in the parking lot while you’re at Wal-Mart shopping.

Lucky for you there’s a way to catch these culprits.  All you need is a dash cam installed in your car that can record what the camera sees and hopefully catch all the action.  There are many dash cams on the market today so choosing the right one to buy can be a nightmare.  There are many things to consider such as are you going to install it yourself or will you pay someone to do it.  You also need to consider having a rear facing camera as well as this can pick up footage of anyone that may rear end you.

So here let’s talk about some common features of dash cams that can help you decide which one is for you.

HD Image

Cameras are very high tech these days in you can get a very good quality camera for a decent price.  You will want to have at minimal 1080 P resolution for the front facing cam and 720p for the rear facing cam.  Of course if the rear can also be 1080P that would be great too.  The reason why you want HD quality is that it is very important to pick up details such as a license plate number.  If you’re involved in an accident, if the other car takes off and you didn’t get the plate number there is a chance they may escape scott free and your insurance company will be expected to pay the repair bills.  However, with a dash cam that has high resolution capturing, you should have no problems capturing a license plate number.

Automatic Recording

If convenience is important to you were you like a set it and forget it feature, then a loop recording feature is what you want.  What this feature does is it will capture footage for a period of 10 or 15 minutes and then it will delete that footage and start over again.  This way you are not filling up your memory card with useless data.  In the event of an accident the camera will keep the recording so that you can use it for playback.  Some cams will offer automatic and Manual recording in the event that you want to record for example a scenic drive without the risk of losing the footage.

Motion Detection

If you’re worried about where your car is parked whether you are out shopping or while it’s parked outside of your home then motion detection is a feature that you must have.  If the camera detects movement it will start to record and capture the footage.  You can imagine how valuable this is in the event of someone trying to vandalize your car.


This is a feature that is not all that important but it certainly helps in the event of a collision that gets investigated by your insurance company.  Having GPS with a dash cam will provide data points including the date, speed, location and direction regarding the collision.  If you’re not worried about this feature then you can save yourself some money because to have GPS enabled on these devices will cost you a little more.

Whichever dash cam you decide to get read up on some reviews or just go to an electronics store and talk to an expert.  You already have the necessary information you need for a basic understanding of the features of a dash cam.


Online Course Reviews and Bonus

If you’re into the online marketing space, maybe you have an e-commerce store or like to create Youtube videos or what have you, it’s very difficult to foray into this adventure on your own. What you’ll need is either a mentor that is a guru in your business that can help you with SEO tips, marketing advice or you’ll need to buy some kind of course. Now, finding a mentor is a great way because usually that’s free – unless he or she expects some kind of favor back but not usually. It’s not easy finding a mentor and you’ll have to vet them because you really don’t want any bad information. The best example would be if you say for example own an e-commerce store and you know someone that is crushing it with their own e-commerce store. Now, if they are in the same niche as you then forget it – why would they help their competition! But, if they will never be in the same space as you then chances are they might be willing to help.

Get a Youtube Mentor

If finding a mentor isn’t an option, then what you’ll really need to do is buy some kind of internet marketing course online. What I suggest is to start with Youtube first and you might find some “freebies” but if you’re new to this space it might be a risk because you may not know if the information is good or not. What I suggest is to read the comments at the bottom of the video and see what people are saying. If the comments are positive then chances are this might be a good resource to get help from.

Facebook Guru’s

You could also join a Facebook group on making money online or something like that. Beware though because these tend to be spammy with a lot of people trying to sell you their own products or sell you affiliate marketing products.

Buy A Course

Usually a paid option to help out is much better. I am sure that unless it’s a good friend, you know in life that you get much better service if you pay for it instead of getting it for free. This applies to almost anything. Afterall, most of the time the guys and gals on Youtube if they are trying to help you with something there’s always a motive behind it – to sell you something. This is ok if they are offering a good product and are willing to help out with it as well. The other way is to Google a search term such as “course on affiliate marketing” and find what the top searches are. You might find a good product there.

Product Reviews

Probably the best and final step you need to take is that when you find a product, search for the product followed by “review” or “review and bonus”. There are marketers out there that will buy the product, review it, recommend it and if you buy through their link they may even send you a bonus. One marketer that does this effectively is Drew’s Review. Check it out next time you are looking to buy a product, they may just end up reviewing it. You can also visit Drews Review Youtube Channel to get updates as well.

Don’t Buy Cigarettes, Buy Vapes!

If you’re a cigarette smoker you might want to know what the new ‘cool’ way is to smoke. It’s called Vaping. In 2017 it is cool to look silly, apparently. Vaping devices will deliver nicotine on every pull, so that it is similar to cigarettes without the nasty smoke.

Are Vaping Devices Safe?

This is a good question and since they are relatively new, who knows? I mean in the 50’s people were oblivious to the health risks associated with smoking. They smoked everywhere, including the workplace. Non smokers were hugely at risk because second hand smoke was every where. Could you imagine someone on a plane smoking behind you? Crazy thought isn’t it. Even back then some brands even tried to tell you that cigarettes were good for your lungs. Could you imagine?

In the early 70’s, they discovered that smoking was the result of stress, not the healer. It was then discovered that smoking was a leading cause of cancer. It still took eight more years for the medical community and legislators to agree to these claims.

It’s crazy to think that will all this information almost 50 years old, that people still smoke today.

So now we get introduced to the world of vaping. Some people that have been smokers have kicked the habit thanks to this new technology. One person that was featured on the news has been cigarette free for almost 3 years now. This person says she lowers the nicotine levels in the “juice” that gets filled in the e-cig device once a week. She doesn’t wake up coughing in the morning like she used to and generally feels better. There have been many similar reports like this – it shows that vaping could be the next nicotine patch!

Smokers VS Vaping

Wherever you find smokers, you will find people “vaping.”  More and more smokers are turning to vaping, even though there really hasn’t been much research on it on the benefits and if there are any side effects. Vaping first came on the scene in the mid 2000’s and since then, this is a $6 Billion dollar industry. Even more notable, this figure eclipses all other forms of alternative smoking products like patches and nicotine gum.

It is estimated that the industry is growing at a rate of 45% each year. Even the big tobacco companies are cashing in on this by having their own version of an e-cig.

The Devices

Nowadays there are hundreds of different brands for e-cig devices. There are also countless amounts of flavours to choose from. E-cigs are everywhere, from online to your neighbourhood vape shop. However, this could all change with government regulations.

The e-cigarette juice contains a combination of glycerin, nicotine and propylene glycol. The FDA has labelled e-cigs as generally safe. When these compounds are heated, they produce “carbonyls”.

As with all things new, you should really research this yourself if you are a smoker and have been thinking about vaping. Get a doctor’s opinion, read trusted sources on the subject and decide if it is worth the switch for you. As with all things new, there is always a testing phase and when it comes to your health, you cant be all too careful.



The Frugal Shopper

Being frugal can save you a lot of money, especially when you are shopping. With the Christmas season upon us, you will want to ensure that you are sticking to your budget but also getting the right gifts for your loved ones.


Shopping online for great deals can be a time saver in the malls. Afterall, who wants to wait in those massive lineups, and that is even if you get in the mall, parking spots at times during the xmas season can be quite sparse.

If you are shopping online, here’s a tip. Download an chrome addon called “honey” I’ve used it and it has saved me quite a bit.

Shipping Time

Bear in mind that if you are buying online, shipping times around this time of year varies drastically. Make sure you get a guaranteed shipping date just to avoid getting your xmas presents after xmas. What a disaster that would be!

Please stay tuned for more, my blog is new and fresh and I hope to give you more good advice for all your shopping needs!